We would like to first and foremost extend a warm Thank You to you for reaching out to be apart of an exciting and meaningful event. The Women's Empowerment Movement which started in 2015, is founded by Jessica Edmond and Sheila Tanelus. With a vision to empower every women as well as help them reach their personal and professional goals, they decided to host their 3rd Annual Women's Empowerment Movement in regards to Beauties Behind the Business! Women should feel like they can reach for the stars each and everyday and if we help each other get there, then we have done such an amazing service! 

I’m sure you are now asking yourself: Why Should I Be a Vendor?
Well, as a Vendor for this event, you will be given the Following;

Display of business/organizations and products

Network and products sales

Company mentioned prior and during the event

Inclusion in advertisements and the event’s program

Logo will be on the signage

Booth and table

Access to the event attendees 

So now, I know you are asking yourself: How Can I Sign Up?
Signing up to be a vendor is really simple please register below, our Vendors are required to pay

a Fee of $85.00 once registration is complete you will be sent an invoice for payment. 

Thank You and happy Vending!